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This is from a wedding I did back in 2010. All the weddings I’ve done have had a story behind them, and there was no exception for this wedding.

Firstly, they got married in front of the oldest working windmill in England.

Secondly, the bride was Australian and the groom was English.

They met and fell in love but later her visa ran out and she had to go back to Australia.

They were so much in love and realised that being apart from each other was too hard… so he went to get her from Australia…

Then they came back to England.

They lived together for a year before they got married in front of the oldest working windmill in England. 

Hmm… hang on a minute, something seems to be missing, how did she get back to England and live with him for a year?

I’ll leave this as a mystery for later 🙂

I still remember the day like it was yesterday. It was very windy and cloudy but the sun did show from time to time for the newlyweds! 

I got to her hotel and started taking getting ready shots with the bride and bride’s maids! 

Everything was great, they were a young and adventurous couple. They hired a VW camper van for the bride to get to the venue, so we got to the Windmill and how interesting it was to get married in front of the oldest working Windmill in England! All the chairs were set out for the guests, and the decorations were beautifully done, but most importantly, the registrar to bind their marriage was there, waiting for them to arrive. Everything was just perfect and it was all really lovely!

So they tied the knot in front of their friends and family from all around the world!

It was time for them to sign the register so they went inside the Windmill to do the registration.

This is what I do as a wedding photographer… I followed them into the Windmill but found that they were all laughing and talking to each other instead of signing?!

I thought to myself…hmm…what is going on?

Then the bride told me their secret… and they told me not to tell anyone as they were waiting for the rIght moment to tell all the guests… so I said, “Alright!”

I took the bride and groom to capture some sweet moments in the woods nearby and then we all headed off to the reception!

Everyone was enjoying the company of one another and as time went by, and the night drew in, it was time for the bride to make her speech!

All eyes and ears were on the bride, so she started unfolding the mystery to everyone, and the story went like this; They had actually already gotten married in Australia exactly one year before the day of this wedding. They had no one at the wedding except for two witnesses. They did this so she could come back to England as his wife, and for a whole year they kept this a secret. 

The funny thing was that the registrar at this current wedding was fake (she was one of the bride’s old work colleagues)!

They ended the night with their well-trained Salsa dancing in front of their loved ones then, of course, lived happily ever after!

I love it when the guests do funny things, I capture the most natural moments in a photo journalistic way and when you see them you will be surprised to rediscover the hidden beauty in you!

My wedding photography always tells the story of the day, the story that you miss because you are busy getting ready and greeting people… and getting married of course!

I have 15 years of photography experience, from weddings and events to studio portraits and families. I use a Canon 5d MK 4 and a Canon 5D MK2, with a variety of L series lenses. I always check my that all my gear is intact before the wedding so you will never be disappointed!

For any love birds out there, I’m now taking wedding bookings for the year 2023/2024. I provide a free consultation, including a ‘sneak peek’ complimentary couple’s portrait at my home studio in Windsor! Timeless full black and white wedding photography can be arranged on request. 

Thanks for reading and peace…

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