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A Springtime Outdoor Family Portrait Session In Windsor

It was a beautiful morning at the beginning of Spring, just around the corner from it I remember. I had a great time photographing this beautiful family in Windsor.

They were from the USA but lived in the UK for some time and had their first child in Windsor, hence why this gorgeous boy was named William, they called him, Wills, and he was named after, you know who, Prince William.

family photo windsor

This sweet boy’s favourite toy was the red London bus, in fact, that was his favourite colour too if I remember it right.

boy portrait in windsor park

Such a happy family, they brought some soft toys and a couple of Wills’s favourite books as I directed before the shoot, as you can see from the pictures they had a really fun time and that’s something I can’t just magically make in my photoshop!

happy family photoshoot

This is your story so you tell the story and I’ll be a pen to write it for you! That sounded very cheesy but it’s true, from the bottom of my heart!

It was a real pleasure for me to be able to capture the memories of their life in Windsor and be able to freeze the moment for them to take back to America and cherish this unforgettable moment forever.

family photograph in windsor

I feel very blessed to live in Windsor and to be able to walk the long walk anytime and enjoy the four seasons with friends and family, the only things you need are a picnic blanket and some refreshments.

family photoshoot on blanket

You can also walk to the copper horse, which took me 3 hours to get there and come back on one sunny summer day with plenty of breaks in between.

It was quite a walk for me to be honest with you but the satisfaction I felt when I finally reached the copper horse was truly immense.

I think you could climb up on the horse too, personally, I didn’t but why not?

Whether you live in Windsor or its surrounding areas, having the backdrop of this historical Windsor Castle in family photographs is a very memorable and impressive thing to do.

walking photoshoot in windsor

So I’m offering you a mini photoshoot at the long walk this spring for £150, and this includes;

Up to 40-minute session.
30 print-ready fully retouched files

Please bring a couple of outdoor-friendly changeable outfits, eg: blazers, shirts, scarf or simply a couple of different hair accessories. It sounds like items to disguise…oh, well, whatever works for you 😉

family portrait mum and son

I have 15 years experience of photographing weddings, events, families, headshots, portraits and so on. I love capturing candid, playful and emotional moments for my clients and that’s my speciality, so book me this Spring and come enjoy the day out with me, I assure you that it will be a fun one to remember!

The only thing you need to do is nothing but enjoy the beautiful nature and play with your loving family as you would when you are out and about and I’ll be your eye to capture the special moments for you.

So please bring toys for the kids and a picnic blanket, I have experience photographing a horse too so if you have a couple of horses in your backyard, they will be more than welcome to join us too, wink!

After the mini session, I would recommend you to visit Windsor Castle whilst you are here to enjoy the day or simply save money and walk down to Eton bridge and walk by the river. Feed swans and eat a chippy and ice creams, yummy!

That’s it from me today so please get in touch for more information!

Thank you and looking forward to seeing you!


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