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How To Take Baby Passport Pictures

This is my story and these baby pictures were taken more than 10 years ago, it really makes me think how time flies by and how old am I now…hmm…

Did I mention that I am a photographer? Yes, I have been photographing weddings, events, portraits, families, kids, properties, streets etc. for around 15 years now, so lucky for me, when I had my child, everything was prepared for me to take baby pictures. I took pictures of my son every day of his life until he was around 8 years old, and even now, I keep taking pictures of him whenever I get the chance to do so.

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I was not thinking of making a blog post about this when I got the set of pictures but I went through some files today, and they really touched my heart, so I got carried away and looked through the whole first year of his life, what a lovely time it was, a lot of smiles he brought to me, I can surely say that he is my joy and everything! I feel lucky to have pictures of him throughout the years and thank myself for recording all those precious moments for me to look back on and enjoy!

baby pic

I have fibromyalgia which makes me a bit short on memories, so pictures to me are my life, sometimes I don’t even remember what I had for tea the night before and that’s what I try to remember every day before I start cooking, so I don’t make the same thing again, but when I look at the pictures, they trigger my brain to work and remember the time, then everything, from the small details to even smells and taste come back to me, what amazing things pictures can do for you, wink!!

mother and baby

So let’s get to the passport photos now.

The easiest way you can do it with babies is to lay them down on a white sheet because they can’t sit properly until around 6 months old and even when they can sit, they will not be very steady. I remember I used a white pillow case to take this set, I didn’t plan to make a blog post about it back then, and I was a new mum rather than a photographer, so I just grabbed something that was near me!

baby passport photos

It is better to lay them down in front of a big window and face it straight, so the light on the face is even, if you have net curtains over the window that will defuse the light and make it soft too. Mind you never take pictures in direct sunlight, it will only create shadows on faces and the light will be too harsh, blowing away all the details, unless that’s what you are aiming to do.

So now we’ve got the white backdrop and the window light so go over the baby’s head, without blocking the light, and take it from the top, voila, we have a passport picture for your baby! 

toddler photo

You can do it while changing their nappies or having some mummy and baby time! I remember that time was the happiest time for him, and if you squeak one of their favorite toys in the other hand that will do the trick for them to look at you and even give you a smile to keep too! Please don’t drop the camera though as it will hurt the baby…

I printed these pictures out like a filmstrip and they were soooo cute to keep in my wallet and show other mums!

I’ve included a few more pictures because they are so special to me, I wanted to share them with everyone. Made me laugh to see his reaction to his first-ever passport! He put that straight in his mouth.

happy baby

And when he was only 22 days old, I remembered to photoshop out the remote controller from my hand.

All the precious time and memories…

If you find this is too much for you to do yourself, of course, I can do it for you at a cost! You can also hire me for a year to record the most precious moments for you. It could be once every month or every two months. Please ask me for more details on the baby photography year package! At the end of the year, all the files will be on a beautifully presented little album + USB stick for you to keep!

I cover Windsor/London and surrounding areas, so get in touch for any type of photography!

Thanks for reading and peace!!

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