Evelyn ballet photography

A Beautiful Ballerina Girl at isookphotography Studio for a Photoshoot

A beautiful set of photographs taken of Evelyn back in 2017 and another set in 2023. I had the joy of photographing a house party 6 years ago and this girl really took my breath away…

evelyn in glasses

This time she came to my studio. It’s always lovely to have returning clients and when they are like this sweet little girl, it excites me even more to see how much they have grown! That’s the joy of doing children’s photography.

ballet pose photo

Most of my work is done in a candid style, fly on the wall with cameras to capture beautiful moments you can cherish forever! It was so sweet when she noticed me taking photographs of her, as if she was saying ‘what are you doing?’, and I get that look quite often when I do street photography, I would call it ‘The look of love’, haha

evelyn looking at the camera

I also include group shots and posed shots too, just so you know…

I took a lot of group shots on this day as it was a big gathering, and rumour has it that those pictures were very much cherished by all the family members…and that really made my day, so thank you!!

Evelyn group of photos

So 6 years have gone by and I got to see Evelyn again in her training costume with her hair beautifully done in a ballerina bun. Oh, she looked so grown up, time really flies by.

ballerina Evelyn

After a little chat with her, she got ready in her beautiful tutu, that was my first ‘wow’ moment, then when I started taking pictures of her in my studio, she was dancing like a real professional dancer, so it was my second ‘wow’ moment and I just couldn’t believe my eyes she is only 9 years old!

posing ballerina photo

All girls have dreamed of becoming a ballerina once in their lifetime!

But… I have a feeling that this is wrong, haha!

Yes, my parents told me to become a ballerina when I was a little girl, but I wasn’t interested then. I was into doing boy stuff, I’m quite sure I thought I was a boy for a long time. It was all down to not having any girl siblings or cousins, maybe that’s the reason why I still love Star Wars, Power Rangers, and playing video games…anyway, oh, well, I started dreaming of becoming one eventually when it was far too late though, haha

ballerina photography

I’m a big fan of classical music so whenever I put Alexa on and listen to Bach, Chopin, Vivaldi, Debussy, and so on…I do a dance in my head and can imagine the moves, beautiful pointy fingers, and toes, curves like the ocean, moving light as a feather…so it was my dream come true moment, haha!

Whether you are looking for a photographer to capture your child’s Christening, birthday, or portrait photography or simply to capture their growing-up moments, like this, for a future ballerina or a future rugby star, I will be your studio photographer to capture these moments for you! 

big ballerina pose

Remember that I offer a 10% discount to all returning customers so keep in touch!! 

Please take a look at my other work too and get in touch for a chat! My cosy home studio is located in central Windsor!

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