foggy morning in windsor

Beautiful foggy mornings in Windsor and a few shots from Eton

I have been photographing streets as my passion for over 3 years now. I love photographing the mood of the whole scene as much as capturing architecture and storytelling shots.

When I am in London, I try to capture the story drawn from the high-rise buildings to lone solitude in the hectic life of the city.

windsor street view

If you know about my work, it’s all about solitude and solitude amongst crowded people. We are all just strangers in the big London town, and I’m fascinated to capture the moments.

foggy moment in windsor

However, I feel lucky to live where I am in this friendly little town of Windsor and to be able to walk to Windsor Castle every morning and walk past friendly faces, sometimes stopping to say a quick hello or just a little smile to each other.

I’ve seen all 4 seasons in over 10 years of living in Windsor, so I am proud to call myself a Windsorian and proudly share the beauty of Windsor 😀

street scene in windsor

I actually don’t know how to become Windsorian but, well, it sounds cool so I will take that!

The pictures I wanted to share with the world today are a set of foggy mornings in Windsor and Eton. As you may have noticed, I specialise in black and white photography, I love black and white pictures in their timeless manner as this gives you no distraction from colours, leaving you with only the PICTURE and YOU. I can almost hear white noise when I look at beautiful pieces, such as my set today, haha.

black and white phot windsor

Windsor has a very nostalgic mood compared to London to me, whether you are planning on creating a family home or just want to get away from the polluted and busy life in London, Windsor is a great place to start. It only takes you 20 minutes from Paddington Station to Slough, then Windsor is only one stop away from Slough. 

Some shots are from Eton bridge and the riverside, I love walking down by the river, and feeding swans. All the swans belong to the Queen, it used to be but now they must belong to the King, I presume so…

swans in windsor

If you move to Windsor, don’t forget to get an advantage card so that you can get all sorts of discounts in shops, the leisure centre, the car park and so on. It used to be free to enter Windsor Castle for advantage card holders, but I believe they have now changed it…so I’m asking you, King Charles, can you please bring back the free entry to the Castle!

benches and birds in windsor

I love looking at the Castle and the historical buildings, they look absolutely stunning, especially on foggy mornings, and around this venue, it used to be the Harte and Garter but has now changed to The Ivy; I photographed a wedding reception here in 2018, and the venue was magnificent!

The reception held around 200 guests easily with a beautiful high ceiling, and its own bar just next to the room, so you were never left to feel thirsty.

This hotel was just the perfect place for your special day, as this is located just across the road from the Windsor Guildhall, where King Charles and Queen Camilla tied the knot in a civil ceremony in 2005.

early morning in windsor

Also, just down the road from the Castle, there’s a hotel called, Castle Hotel Windsor, I had the joy of photographing a Christmas party for a big company here last year, and I was pleasantly surprised to see the inside of the hotel. When I was looking at the doorway before entering, I thought it was going to be a b&b sized hotel, but oh, my word…it was like entering a rabbit hole to find different function rooms and beautiful staircases, bars, and a restaurant, when I finally came out of the hotel, there was a massive car park in the back of the hotel with plenty of spaces for guests to park! It was like an Alice in Wonderland experience!

walking with suitcase windsor

Hang on a minute, what more you can do in Windsor is…of course, book me for a headshot session at isookphotography, it’s located in central Windsor, and a parking ticket will be provided by me, or just for a friendly chat if you are planning a wedding as I am open to bookings for weddings and events too so please get in touch for more details.

windsor road close up

Ok, so back to my street photography, these will look amazing in a frame in the finest quality of Fine Art Rag paper, you have to see and feel the thickness and the beauty of the paper, this is truly for fine artworks, and will keep them beautiful forever for sure. All prints will be signed and in limited editions.

What could make my work even better to look at is the song Misty by Ella Fitzerald played on an LP player with a glass of red wine to enjoy…I’d love a glass of Pinot Noir, cheers!

Please get in touch for more information regarding prints.

benches close up

I love street photography and love sharing my work online but I need your help to keep on going, so buy art and save the artist!

If you love my work please follow me on my social media accounts too to see daily updates!

Thanks for reading and I’m trying to post every week so please stay tuned, peace.

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